Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Current Handbag Collection {vegan}

Handbags are my favorite accessory, hands down.  Going vegan (and kicking leather to the curb) led me to reduce my bag collection by a lot, which was great for me.  Because let me tell you, it was borderline hoarding.  Granted, my current collection of bags is by no means minimalistic, but I now make sure that the bags I keep are ones I actually use.  

For this post, you can click on the pictures to bring you to the original outfit post that it's from!

Stella McCartney holds a special place in my heart- this was the biggest splurge I've ever made on fashion, but I fell in love with this bag the moment I saw it.  This bag showed me that ethical and sustainable fashion could still mean luxury and amazing quality!  This was worth the investment.

I used to love Kate Spade's fun, whimsical designs, and I still do!  She's famous for her leather bags, so this vegan patent bag was a rare and special find!  It's actually a girls bag, which is why it's tiny, but the size makes it a cute statement piece.  

I've worked with 88 Handbags a few times on LMHC and I can honestly say that they are one of my favorite vegan brands, hands down.  They make the most amazing quality bags for affordable prices.  The Sophie bag is my favorite of the line (and it comes in 6 colors).  

Phillip Lim is a major designer and he's famous for his trademark Pashli bag, which is leather and comes with a hefty price tag.  He did a collaboration with Target that included a ton of leather-free Pashli bags.  I love the structure of this bag!

The Mitsuko Mini from Matt & Nat was the first vegan bag I ever bought, and I purchased it before I even went vegan!  I love Matt & Nat's minimalistic designs and clean lines.  I have both the black and tan colors- they're super versatile and practical!

 Ted Baker is one of my favorite stores, and their fabric clutches are my favorite to add to a fancy outfit.  His floral prints are so gorgeous, and the quality and attention to details in Ted Baker pieces are insane.

Thanks for reading!  What's your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Omg, all of these are so cute! I love bags and have a problem with it too, lol!

  2. Some very lovely handbags. You certainly do have a great collection!

    Thanks for sharing

    Patricia // Patricia Stelmach

  3. These are definitely gorgeous bags! SO hard to choose! I also didn't know Kate Spade and Stella McCartney uses vegan leather. That's so awesome!

    1. Kate Spade rarely uses vegan leather, but Stella is vegan and her fashion line is 100% cruelty-free I believe (no fur, leather, feathers, etc.)

  4. Cute bags!! Amazing that it's vegan!
    Adi xx

  5. So many adorable bags! Love all the colors and patterns!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  6. These vegan bags are all so gorgeous! Obsessed with that studded black bag!

  7. All of these bags are gorgeous!
    Kelsey |

  8. You have quite the collection! I love them all!


  9. Such a pretty collection! I love the first one by Stella

  10. SO many cute bags !!



  11. I just found your website while trying to find a review of the Matt & Nat Mitsuko mini (even though I already bought it, HAH). Great site, love that you use ethical fasion. I'm vegan, so I appreciate anything that can help make my life easier, hehe.

    Just a head's up (you may already know this) that there are lots of last year's seasons bags on Nordstrom Rack right now - mostly 50% off, really good prices. The colors? Not so great, but occasionally a different color will come in stock. I just bought the Mitsuko mini in 'coffee' and I can't wait!

    I have many Matt & Nat products now, and am soon going to get some belts.

    Here's what I have:
    1. Katherine backpack in chili (like it, but stuff can get lost as it's so big)
    2. Bonaventure shoes in black (not a fan- they are cute as heck, but the sole is so thick that it doesn't flex at all and is painful to wear for too long.)
    3. Tacoma mini in chili (love this, but it's so small. The triangular shape makes it even smaller because there is not much you can fit in the top, narrower part. Also, annoyed that the crossbody strap hardware are both on the same side of the bag, rather than on the sides or on opposite sides.)
    4. Central wallet in black (big but good for me as I like to keep all my receipts. It has so many pockets and lets me be so organized!
    5. Joilette boot in 'coffee' LOVE these!! Way more comfortable than I thought they'd be.
    6. Mumbai small backpack in black. Seriously so cute. Love it, but sometimes I just want to carry a purse. It has held up super well over the last year (through rain and sun and being slung around).
    7. Just bought the Mitsuko mini in coffee, hasn't arrived yet.
    8. Just bought the Parallel laptop bag in cerise, hasn't arrived yet.

    My next purchases are:
    1. Gloria small in 'midnight'
    2. a black and brown belt (the Neil)
    3. a slim wallet for when I just want to grab and go (the Nelly in blossom)

    So excited! I've never done blogging or youtube before, but do you think it would be helpful for me to review all my stuff? I was thinking of reviewing all my vegan shoes as I've been wearing most of them for over a year now so it would be a pretty good review!

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