Monday, August 29, 2016

Simple Summer Uniform

 Skirt: American Rag Cie (similar)     Top: H&M (similar)    Jacket: Old Navy    Bag: Anthropologie     Shoes: Rampage (similar)     Lips: NARS     Sunglasses: Stella McCartney

This post is essentially "Julia in her natural habitat (Whole Foods), wearing her natural clothes (fave denim jacket and wedges for height), with her natural hair (kinda frizzy, very wavy)'.  Who knew that the produce section at Whole Foods had great lighting?  It would seem that I forgot to blog for the past week.  Fellow bloggers- have you ever spaced out on your posting schedule?  Some days I just can't find the time, and other days it's nowhere near the front of my mind.  Anyways, I'm back now and I have quite a few posts that I'm excited to put up in the next few days!

All jokes aside, this outfit, with variations, has pretty much been my summer uniform- tank top, miniskirt, wedges, sunglasses, and my favorite jean jacket.  I love this vegan suede skirt from American Rag Cie- it's a nice contrast of texture with the denim and lace, and I love the neutral colors.  

What's your summer uniform? 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hello Hydrangea // Lace Midi

 Skirt: H&M     Bag: Zink Collection     Shoes: LC Lauren Conrad     Shirt: Uniqlo (similar)     Sunglasses: Stella McCartney     Scarf (on bag): Ralph Lauren

Although it can be a bit tricky to find petite-friendly fits, I absolutely love midi skirts!  This lace one reminded me of a piece from Self Portrait, and it's versatile enough to be styled casual or formal.  I just threw a chambray top over it for a day of errands and a trip to the garden store, which had the most beautiful blue hydrangeas, reminding me of my trip last year to San Francisco.  Definitely my favorite city, filled with my favorite flowers!

How cute is this mint vegan boxcar bag by Zink Collection?  It comes in 5 colors, including a gorgeous plum purple and classic black.  I also tied on a little polka dot twilly to the bag, which is something my mom does on all her handbags.  It adds the perfect pop of contrast and just a little bit of a vintage vibe that I adore.

H&M Lace Midi Skirt in Black + Zink Collection Mini Boxcar Mint Green Vegan Bag c/o +  LC Lauren Conrad Women's Floral Pumps Eyelet in Ivory + Uniqlo Chambray Button Down Shirt + Stella McCartney Sunglasses Grey Tortoiseshell + Ralph Lauren Polka Dot Twilly Scarf

Friday, August 19, 2016

Mother Nature in an Overall Dress

 Overalls: GAP (similar)     Top: Tory Burch (similar)    Shoes: People Footwear      Bag: Matt & Nat    Bracelet: Kristine Lily      Sunglasses: Stella McCartney

I'll be honest- I'm glad the week is over.  I've had some pretty frustrating nights working on the blog this week.  My Blogger account is having glitches, and on top of that I've had to trash three photoshoots this week.  Why?
I'm a perfectionist, so I always want to do the best job I can and put out good content.  I tend to nitpick little details until they are all that I can see, and often times this makes a photoshoot that was perfectly good one second completely unusable the next.  I was actually pretty close to trashing this one because I thought I looked too pale, too short, etc.  We need to stop being so critical of ourselves!

Last week, I suddenly decided that I wanted a pair of overalls.  Totally random, since I haven't worn overalls since the fourth grade, probably!  I wanted a pair of short overalls, and instead I found this overall dress at GAP (mine is girls because it's petite friendly.  I linked similar ones in regular sizes above!)  They're really comfy and I love layering tees under it for summer.  I'll be wearing it over long sleeves for fall (which can't come soon enough- I am done with this California heatwave.)

You might have seen it on my Instagram story (@juliacmazzucato), but I recently got some gorgeous new shoes from People Footwear in the mail!  They make shoes out of amazing and innovative vegan materials.  These are the lightest shoes I have ever worn.  The material hugs your foot and is practically weightless, and the soles are so supportive and comfortable.  These gorgeous white sneakers are the classic Phillips, and they are like walking on clouds.  I did get them a bit dirty on the hike out to this location, but they cleaned up easily!

Happy weekend, loves!

PS.  Excuse the name of this post, I really couldn't think of anything better.  

GAP Kids Skirtalls Overalls Dress in Blue Dark Wash + Tory Burch Esther Tee in Green Floral + People Footwear Phillips in Yeti White c/o + Matt & Nat Mini Mitsuko in Nature + Kristine Lily Druzy Pop Bracelet in Silver and Gold c/o + Stella McCartney Sunglasses Grey Tortoiseshell

Monday, August 15, 2016

Things I Wish I'd Bought

I'm sure we've all heard the joke or seen it on Pinterest: "Nothing haunts us like the things we didn't buy."  There's a certain pain that comes with buying something and regretting your purchase later.  But in my opinions, it's even worse when you decide to pass on something you loved, and later regret not buying it.  Maybe that sounds superficial, but it happens!

Here's an example.  The first photo of this post: a pink bicycle.  I once came across a gorgeous, shiny, vintage inspired blush pink bike, complete with a wicker basket so perfect that I could just see myself riding around with a bouquet of flowers in the front.  It haunts me to this day.

Enjoy this post!  I was fun (albeit a little depressing) for me to write.  I included links to the products just for style name references in case you want to try and track them down.

When Lauren Conrad and Rifle Paper Co. meet, it's a collab made in heaven.  One that I was unfortunately too late to snag something from.  Lauren Conrad's line at Anthro, called Paper Crown, makes absolutely gorgeous dresses, and I loved every single piece from their collection with Rifle Paper and their floral prints.  I remember seeing some pieces in the store- they were stunning!

I actually found this in my Ted Baker store and tried it on!  I loved the structured cut and fit, and in my favorite color, no less!  I talked myself down from buying it because it was pricey and I had no idea where I would have worn the plum color, but I remember hanging it back up on the rack and saying to myself, "You're gonna regret leaving this behind."  I was right. 

{photo via Extra Petite}

This Kate Spade-esque dress was worn by SO many different bloggers, and everyone looked amazing in it.  It was such a great deal and since it was a juniors dress, I was confident that it would fit me well with little to no altering.  I put it in my Nordstrom's cart and forgot about it until the next week, when they were completely sold out.  

I tried this one on in the J. Crew on the Island store in Honolulu.  I loved the bright color, sturdy structure, and gold printed buttons.  I knew I wouldn't have room for it in my luggage on the trip home, so I left it, and I'm still missing the bright cheery color.  It was wool, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to find a vegan-friendly version this season!

As you can see in the above pic, I flounced around the dressing room in this one.  This dress was something I tried on in hopes of wearing it to a wedding, but the off-white color had me worried that it would be too white to wear.  I wish I'd snagged it- I loved the way it fit, and I could have worn it with a denim jacket for a casual look, or to a nice occasion!  

{photo via Barefoot Blonde}

I was stunned by this outfit on Barefoot Blonde, and I immediately visited to buy this skirt.  I love everything from the rose gold sequins to the midi length.  I was skeptical on where I would wear it- as pretty as the sequins were, you need an occasion!  When I finally decided I would wear it to a party, it was sold out!  


I thought this would be a fun post to write.  These are the things I passed up that I actively remember and miss.  While learning how to say "No" when you shop is a valuable trait, it has its moments where it later lets me down.  Everything in moderation is a good value when it comes to shopping- don't buy all the things you don't need on a whim, but treat yourself when you find something you really love. 

What are some things you wish you had bought?  Tell me in the comments!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Flower Garden // Blush // Eyelet

 Top: Ted Baker (exact print)    Pants: H&M     Bag: Stella McCartney    Blazer: J. Crew (similar)    Shoes: LC Lauren Conrad   

I've been wanting a pair of blush skinny jeans in the perfect soft pink hue- muted and pastel but with just the right rosy tint.  I saw these at H&M and they seemed almost perfect, with a great price to boot!  After some small alterations, they were ready to wear and I'm loving them!  I can't wait until they are fully broken in and comfy.

This silky (but not silk!) Ted Baker chemise has one of TB's classic floral prints that happened to have some pink notes in it, so it tied in nicely with the jeans.  I added my favorite Stella McCartney vegan eyelet bag and some eyelet heels to match.

P.S.  This is actually one of my favorite shoots that we've done for the blog.  I was so happy with how it turned out- my photographer is amazing!  

Ted Baker Cynaria Shadow Printed Floral Cami Top + H&M Slim Fit Pants in Light Powder Pink + Stella McCartney Noma Eyelet Crossbody in Ivory + J. Crew Maritime Blazer in Grey Terry + LC Lauren Conrad Women's Floral Pumps Eyelet in Ivory
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