Thursday, August 15, 2019

My Style on Instagram - Outfit Details from my Most Liked Pics

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

One of my favorite (and comfiest!) outfits from my Japan trip in March.  I'm wearing this red Comme Des Garçons tee shirt, black jeans from AG Jeans, a Morning Lavender cardigan, and my Givenchy Antigona bag.  

Honolulu, Hawaii

I spent my holiday season in Hawaii shopping and eating, no joke.  I'm wearing a classic Supreme box logo tee, black AG jeans, my Givenchy Antigona bag again, and a gold and diamond Cartier love bracelet. 

Newport Beach, California

This photo was taken the day before my big surgery!  I'm wearing an H&M yellow off the shoulder top, a Forever 21 denim skirt, and my Jacquemus petite bag.  

Newport Beach, California

barefoot!  But this dress is from Anthropologie and the milkmaid blouse is Forever 21.

Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

This was such a comfy outfit.  Wearing a Balenciaga graphic tee shirt, AG black jeans, Japanese chunky wedge sneakers (sub for Fila Disruptors), an H&M pink long sleeve, and my Givenchy Antigona bag.

Irvine, California

Forever 21 shirt that kinda reminded me of an Eggie design, ASOS denim skirt, Cartier love bracelet, and Ana Luisa choker and earrings.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

My Plastic Surgery Experience | Breast Augmentation (Boob Job) @ SSK Plastic Surgery

Watch my surgery series on YouTube here!

After months of planning and mulling on this huge decision, I finally had the courage to undergo a bilateral breast augmentation surgery in early July.  If you'd like to know the full story of my decision, why I chose to have surgery, my journey of finding my doctor and choosing the right look for myself and recovering from surgery, I made a full documentary-style video on my YouTube channel right here:

This video documents my journey leading up to surgery and my first week of healing.  I will be continuing my surgery series on YouTube with a Breast Augmentation Q&A video that will come out in August, and healing followup videos a few months down the line.  Stay tuned over there and on Instagram @juliacmazzucato to follow my journey!

Choosing a Surgeon

As a pre-med student and (hopefully) a future surgeon, I was super interested to dive into the world of researching this procedure and seeing the different techniques that various doctors used.  I started my journey by looking up literally EVERY plastic surgeon in Orange County and even a few in Los Angeles, and narrowing down ones that I thought could be a good fit for me.  I created a list of 11 doctors, researched and contacted each one, and ended up attending 5 consultations.  

Dr. Sean Kelishadi was the fourth doctor I met, and no joke, I immediately knew that he was going to be my surgeon.  His practice, SSK Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, is located in Newport Beach, and I was blown away by his glowing patient reviews and amazing before-and-after transformations.  I stalked him on his Instagram for weeks and I was thoroughly impressed with how beautifully natural his augmentations and reconstructive work was.  I knew that he would be able to create amazing results working with the minimal tissue I already had, and I was so excited to meet him. 

From day one, Dr. K was kind, charismatic, and incredibly dedicated to being the best at his craft.  He took the time to explain every little thing to me while speaking to me as an equal and ensuring that I was well-educated on my surgery.  It's rare to find doctors like these that are renowned but still humble and truly go above and beyond for the patient in every aspect.  Every little thing that I was nervous about, Dr. Kelishadi was happy to not only assuage these anxieties but take the time to educate me as well so I could go into surgery confident and feeling safe.  He also places a huge emphasis on patient after-care, texting and calling me every day after surgery until my follow-up appointment.  

I just want to give a huge shoutout to his amazing staff as well, who have been so integral to my entire journey and I am incredibly grateful to know.  Shea is the Patient Concierge and she was so helpful in scheduling everything from consultation to surgery and beyond, communicating all the details, and brightening my day with her kindness.  Alejandra is the Patient Coordinator and she is a ray of sunshine!  She helped me try on implants at the consultation, was there for me in surgery and recovery, and was an all-around rockstar.  In conversation, Dr. Kelishadi let me know just how integral these ladies are to his practice and how much he respects and appreciates them.  The SSK staff treated me like family and created such a caring environment.

Choosing Implants

So, how big did I go?  The answer is: not too big.  My number one concern was my implants being natural looking: I just wanted to replicate the breasts I would have naturally developed had I not been deathly sick throughout my teenage years.  

For this look, I knew that silicone would definitely be my choice over saline implants because they are softer and more natural looking.  Dr. K offers so many different kinds of implants at his practice, and I was both overwhelmed by the options and glad to have variety.  He pointed me in the direction of a shaped textured implant to yield a beautiful natural looking teardrop shape.  

The implants I chose were from Sientra's Opus Luxe Curve collection of shaped textured implants.  I chose the size 250cc in the Moderate Plus Projection.  I'm so happy with the size of these: though I won't know my final bra size until month three post-op, I would say I was taken from a 32AA to a comfortable B cup, or maybe even a small C!  I chose Sientra's implants because of the microtexture they use, which is proven to be much safer than the larger texture used by their competitors like Allergan.  They have the lowest rate of capsular contracture, and their gummy bear texture is an amazing innovation, preventing leakage.  

When it came to choosing my incision site, inframammary (under the crease of the breast) was the clear choice for me, since my nipples were too small to do the incision through there, and an armpit incision would be more prone to infection and probably more painful.  My incisions are very small and the scar will be almost imperceptible once my boobs are healed and dropped.  

Dr. Kelishadi used the dual plane technique, placing the implants under the muscle and letting the lower pole peek out from under the pectoral muscle to create a natural slope on top and more fullness in the bottom of the breast. 

Surgery Day

The night before surgery, I had my last full workout (bye bye weightlifting!  bye bye high intensity cardio!) and my last meal.  I would be fasting until surgery.  My surgery was scheduled for 7:30 AM, so I was told to arrive for surgery at 6:00 AM (urgh).  I went to the surgery center wearing comfy sweatpants, no jewelry or makeup, and no bra under my sweatshirt.  When I got there, I was prepped with an IV inserted into my hand and my chest marked up in sharpie by Dr. K.  When it was go time, the anesthesiologist told me to think of a happy place and within five seconds I was gone.  

I woke up feeling sore with a very dry mouth from the throat tube and a feeling of intense pressure on my chest.  My titties were in bandages so I couldn't see Dr. K's work, but I could FEEL it.  Not a ton of pain, surprisingly, just uncomfortable pressure.  Also, I was high out of my mind on whatever drugs they had given me.  I was loony until I got home at around noon, and napped.  


I won't repeat too much of what was said in my video, so here's the TLDR.  The first week was rough for me.  Probably the worst part was feeling bloated, puffy, and just generally gross.  The anesthesia and narcotic painkiller slow down your body and digestion, so I was unable to poop for days.  It made me pretty miserable, and the fact that I was also retaining a lot of water (natural after surgery as your body tries to heal itself) made me feel super sluggish and heavy.  I used stool softeners to coax my body back into motion, and by day 4 post-op I was able to poop again, and returned to regularity after that.  

I was off the narcotic by day 3 and just went onto Tylenol and ibuprofen, which was great.  Again, it wasn't a ton of pain at all!  Just feeling pressure on your chest.  I also had REALLY good sleep patterns, and my insomnia was gone for about a week as I slept through the night for 8-9 hours each night.  It was lovely.  As I healed and my body got back into how it normally is, my insomnia came back.  Probably the only thing I'll miss from post-op recovery was being able to sleep well.  

You can expect to feel a little bit of post-op depression.  It's totally normal, and it's TOTALLY OK.  Don't be ashamed of feeling things, you went through something major and need to give your body grace and time.  By week one's post-op appointment, my bloating was pretty much gone, I was regaining energy, and was feeling so much better.  Seriously, I can't stress this enough, EVERY DAY GETS BETTER.  

Still waiting on them to drop and fluff, but I'm already loving how they look in bras (they look weird and stiff when I'm sans bra/top, but that'll change as they heal).  I feel so confident and am loving them even more as each day goes by.  I know I made the right decision.  

I hope you'll follow along on my recovery journey!  Thank you for all your love and support.  

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Romance | LMHC x Tobi

Dress (℅): Tobi // Earrings (℅): Sugarfix by Baublebar // Bag: Stella McCartney // Shoes: LC Lauren Conrad // Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick // Full Makeup Details on my Instagram

Come Valentine's Day, I always love the feeling of getting dressed up and feeling gorgeous.  This year I'm wearing this gorgeous burgundy lace number from Tobi, one of my favorite online retailers for inexpensive, on-trend pieces.  The "Leila" Lace Scalloped Dress made me feel so special when I put it on, and I have to admit, I felt pretty self-conscious looking at this dress on the hanger.  The plunging neckline scared the heck out of me, as I'm pretty small chested, but once it was on and I was looking in the mirror and getting my jush, I felt that self-consciousness melt away and I felt so pretty.  
Happy Valentine's week!  Spend Wednesday with someone you love, even if that someone happens to be yourself.  

Thank you to Tobi for partnering on this post.  

Bourgogne | LMHC x Tobi

 Sweater (℅): Tobi // Jeans: Rag & Bone {altered} // Shoes: Old Navy // Bag: Stella McCartney // Earrings (℅): Sugarfix by BaubleBar // Full Makeup Details on my Instagram

I don't care what Pantone says, my color of the year (and of the season) is rich, deep wine red and burgundy.  Hence why I named this post burgundy in French.  I particularly love implementing this color in a good burgundy sweater, and this "The Chills" sweater by Tobi is something I've literally been wearing twice a week, if not more often.  It is so cozy and warm, but the off-the-shoulder style and slouchy fit make it perfectly on trend.  Pair it with some bomb booties and it's a full on look.

Thank you to Tobi for partnering on this post.  

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Thousand Stars | LMHC x Tobi

Dress (℅)Tobi  // Earrings (℅)Sugarfix by Baublebar // Bag: Stella McCartney // Shoes: Old Navy // Full Makeup Details on my Instagram

I absolutely love wrap dresses because of the comfort and ease they afford, but this star-printed one is absolutely gorgeous and flattering on everyone.  This dress is the "A Thousand Stars" dress by Tobi, and I've been wearing it non-stop to classes and my internship.  It's the perfect bridge between trendy and classy that I've been needing in my closet lately, and this dress 100% delivers.  I paired it with some other celestial accessories just for fun.
Thank you to Tobi for partnering on this post.  
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