Monday, July 17, 2017

Blushing Bow Bridge // Central Park, NYC

 Skirt: H&M // Top: Topshop // Shoes: DIY Vegan Louboutin Heels {I followed this tutorial} // Bag: Stella McCartney

It's my last week here at college in New York, and just looking at these pictures I took in the first week is bittersweet to me.  I've fallen in love with this city, even though I've only seen a glimpse of it, and I hope that in a few years I'll return here for school again.  

I fell in love with this skirt when I saw it at H&M on 5th Avenue.  It seemed like such a princess moment, and it made me feel amazing wearing it.  My friend actually agreed that I looked like one of those jellyfish from Finding Nemo in my skirt.  I wanted to go for a haute couture kind of shoot, so we strolled through Central Park to Bow Bridge, one of the most beautiful sights in Manhattan.  

I always loved the look of Christian Louboutin heels, but all of his shoes are leather, which I don't wear.  I decided to make my own red bottomed heels with a simple pair of Marc Fisher heels and some red paint.  Call it tacky all you want, but I think that being able to obtain that look without harming animals or spending a buttload of cash is amazing.  

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Columbia Summer // Blue Plaid

Pretty much sums up how I feel about this whole experience.
Dress: Jack Wills // Shoes: BC Footwear {love these ones too} // Bag: Stella McCartney // Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick

How gorgeous is this campus?  Columbia is honestly a dream come true and I'm having a great time.  Thank you for all your kindness and well-wishes on my last post and Instagram photos.  If you want to see pictures from all over NYC, feel free to follow along at @juliacmazzucato if you aren't already.  

This tartan plaid dress is from one of my favorite brands ever, Jack Wills.  I recently discovered this British label and I've been absolutely loving their classic, streamlined and slightly preppy pieces.  This dress is my summer favorite right now and I love the fit and flare silhouette.  I don't have too much to write on this post, mainly because I've got notes to take and assignments to do for my classes, but this is a little mini-update.  As always, if you have recommendations for anything on Manhattan, please let me know!

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