Monday, August 15, 2016

Things I Wish I'd Bought

I'm sure we've all heard the joke or seen it on Pinterest: "Nothing haunts us like the things we didn't buy."  There's a certain pain that comes with buying something and regretting your purchase later.  But in my opinions, it's even worse when you decide to pass on something you loved, and later regret not buying it.  Maybe that sounds superficial, but it happens!

Here's an example.  The first photo of this post: a pink bicycle.  I once came across a gorgeous, shiny, vintage inspired blush pink bike, complete with a wicker basket so perfect that I could just see myself riding around with a bouquet of flowers in the front.  It haunts me to this day.

Enjoy this post!  I was fun (albeit a little depressing) for me to write.  I included links to the products just for style name references in case you want to try and track them down.

When Lauren Conrad and Rifle Paper Co. meet, it's a collab made in heaven.  One that I was unfortunately too late to snag something from.  Lauren Conrad's line at Anthro, called Paper Crown, makes absolutely gorgeous dresses, and I loved every single piece from their collection with Rifle Paper and their floral prints.  I remember seeing some pieces in the store- they were stunning!

I actually found this in my Ted Baker store and tried it on!  I loved the structured cut and fit, and in my favorite color, no less!  I talked myself down from buying it because it was pricey and I had no idea where I would have worn the plum color, but I remember hanging it back up on the rack and saying to myself, "You're gonna regret leaving this behind."  I was right. 

{photo via Extra Petite}

This Kate Spade-esque dress was worn by SO many different bloggers, and everyone looked amazing in it.  It was such a great deal and since it was a juniors dress, I was confident that it would fit me well with little to no altering.  I put it in my Nordstrom's cart and forgot about it until the next week, when they were completely sold out.  

I tried this one on in the J. Crew on the Island store in Honolulu.  I loved the bright color, sturdy structure, and gold printed buttons.  I knew I wouldn't have room for it in my luggage on the trip home, so I left it, and I'm still missing the bright cheery color.  It was wool, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to find a vegan-friendly version this season!

As you can see in the above pic, I flounced around the dressing room in this one.  This dress was something I tried on in hopes of wearing it to a wedding, but the off-white color had me worried that it would be too white to wear.  I wish I'd snagged it- I loved the way it fit, and I could have worn it with a denim jacket for a casual look, or to a nice occasion!  

{photo via Barefoot Blonde}

I was stunned by this outfit on Barefoot Blonde, and I immediately visited to buy this skirt.  I love everything from the rose gold sequins to the midi length.  I was skeptical on where I would wear it- as pretty as the sequins were, you need an occasion!  When I finally decided I would wear it to a party, it was sold out!  


I thought this would be a fun post to write.  These are the things I passed up that I actively remember and miss.  While learning how to say "No" when you shop is a valuable trait, it has its moments where it later lets me down.  Everything in moderation is a good value when it comes to shopping- don't buy all the things you don't need on a whim, but treat yourself when you find something you really love. 

What are some things you wish you had bought?  Tell me in the comments!


  1. Haha I can totally relate to that Pinterest quote!

  2. I have such a long list of things I wish I bought!! Totally can relate! xo

  3. I hate having buyers remorse! I am always so caught, especially when things are expensive, that sometimes it's hard to decide. These are all great pieces.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. check out on amazon "womens huffy bike in pink"! They have a cute pink one, cruise style with baskets and super cute!

  5. Ahhh, I'm with you- there are pieces I didn't buy when they popped up on my radar and they HAUNT ME. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. Omg I love this haha! Things I dont buy haunt me all the time too!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  7. That Anthropologie Bellflower Lace Dress is sooooooo pretty!!!! Agree so much on hating the fact when you miss the chance to buy something!

    XX SofiaaDot

  8. Lovely shares! I love the red soprano bow black dress! Thanks for sharing :)

    xx Aldora | Aldora Muses

  9. I love this post--I HATE missing out on purchases! There were so many from the Nordstrom sale that I keep thinking about! I loved the Lauren Conrad/Anthro collab!

  10. Teach me your ways! I need a little, ok, a LOT more discipline when it comes to shopping!!

    xx Leah /

  11. I can totally relate to the pink bike! I've wanted one for the longest! A bike that's not only pink though but has a basket up front too! It's so whimsey! Great post, Julia!!

    I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  12. I could very well relate to the purpose of this post. We all have those moments filled with regrets...



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