Tuesday, April 7, 2015

An Unofficial Guide to Longchamp Totes

To say I've gotten use out of my Longchamp totes is a huge understatement.  I carry my Longchamps to work, use them for traveling, and have probably used them more than any other bags in my collection.  Starting at $95, the price is really quite inexpensive for the amazing quality from an iconic handbag designer!

These totes are perfect for schlepping around pretty much everything.  On a normal day I'll stuff in my laptop, files, notebooks, and maybe a binder.  Sometimes I even throw in my regular purse or a change of shoes.  They are super roomy, and the fact that they can fold up makes them incredibly convenient.

For travel, I use these as my carry on bags.  They stow perfectly under plane seats.  Added bonus: the larger sizes are great alternative to suitcases that you would put in the overhead compartments on the plane.  I am often too short to put my suitcase in the bin by myself (or it's way too heavy for me to manage) so I always have to get help from someone.  But Longchamp totes are super light, so even I can lift them up there by myself!
I love Longchamp totes in all sizes, but I get the most use out of my medium totes, shown above.  The red one is the medium Le Pliage Shopping tote, and the beige one is the Le Pliage Type M tote.  The Shopping has longer handles, which is better for carrying on your shoulder.  Longchamp totes have super sturdy straps, which means you can carry around a ton of stuff and it's durable enough to handle it.  

I also like the small and mini Le Pliage totes for using as an everyday handbag.  The large size totes are perfect for luggage as well!  

How to Store Your Longchamp Tote

Flat and Compact
At my nearest Longchamp store, they display the Le Pliage totes like this hung on the wall and color coordinated.  This is how I like to store mine!  It's easiest to grab and go.

step 1- Start with a flattened and zipped tote, with the flap open and handles out.  
step 2- Fold in the sides of the tote.
step 3- Fold it in half so the back snap is on top.
step 4- Bring down the leather flap and secure it to the snap.    
step 5- Hang it up on a hook and store it!

The Roll-up

This is best for travel, when I am putting the tote in my suitcase to be used when I arrive at my destination.  The rolling method keeps it wrinkle free!

step 1-  Start with a flattened and zipped tote, with the flap open.
step 2-  Tuck in the handles, then fold in the sides of the tote over the handles.
step 3-  Roll up the tote like a burrito, so that the snap from the back is facing up.  
step 4- Bring down the leather flap and secure it to the snap.
step 5- Tuck it away into your luggage or store it on your shelf!

Cleaning Your Tote / Repairs
Your can bring your Longchamp tote into your local Longchamp boutique.  As long as it is 100% authentic (check with my guide right here), they will fix it up for you!  

If your tote is dirty, you can throw it in the washing machine for a quick clean, although this is not by any means a Longchamp-endorsed method.  Yes, it is safe for the leather (it can even make it softer!)  I'd do it without other things in the machine, just to be safe.  Add a mild detergent (preferably natural and organic) and set it to the gentlest cycle possible, with cool water.  Of course, always air dry your bag!

For tips on authenticating your Longchamp bag, read my guide here.

Where to Buy
Longchamp - Nordstrom - Neiman Marcus - Bloomingdales - Saks Fifth Avenue
shop them all below by retailers!


  1. Wow this is the greatest post ever. I've been debating which one to get forever now (large or medium) and this is making me lean toward the medium size!

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon

    1. Hi Alex! I have the small, large, and medium sizes, and I'd say my mediums get the most everyday use. I only use the large one when I am travelling or when I have an extra load of stuff to carry to work. My personal recommendation is the medium if you need a reliable tote for work or school, the small if you want a handbag, and the large if you carry around big things!

  2. Hi Julia,
    Is this bag vegan?

    1. No it is not. I no longer actively recommend these bags to my readers.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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