Friday, April 24, 2015

A Quick Run // My Favorite Workouts

Jacket: Charles River Apparel ℅     Top: Lululemon    Shorts: Lululemon

Running-  I love taking quick jogs before or after dinner, usually around 6 when the sun is setting.  Nothing is better than watching the sunset while you sit cold water after your run!

Kickboxing-  It's a great stress reliever and a great quick and high intensity workout.  Perfect if you're just having one of those days where nothing goes 100% right.

Steps-  I love this mini stepper from Gaiam!  It's the perfect size to store when you don't need it.  I slide mine into the back of my closet when I'm done with it.

Pilates-  Pilates is my favorite core workout.  I always do at least 10 minutes of Pilates daily, after my yoga.

Yoga-  Every single day, I look forward to my yoga sessions in the afternoon.  My sessions are 30-50 minutes, and they are incredibly easy to do anywhere, even on vacation.  All you need is a tried-and-true routine and some yoga music (I just put on a long Yoga music video on Youtube).  A mat is good too, but optional when on-the-go.   


  1. I run competitively, so I try to get at least one run in each day along with some core workouts. I really want to try out kickboxing though. I get frustrated easily and I feel like kickboxing would be such a great stress reliever.

    Running Alyssa


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