Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How to Dress Like Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf has one of the most iconic styles on TV.  She's the quintessential preppy icon, with a gorgeous wardrobe of amazing clothes.  Everyone wants to dress like Blair, right?

Here's a guide to the style of the ever classy Queen B!

Rule #1-  The Little Black Dress never fails.

Blair is wearing an amazing pair of tartan heels here, which pair perfectly with her classic and simple outfit.  And of course, she's wearing a headband, because what else would Blair Waldorf do?
Rule #2-  Never let color intimidate you.

Without color, your closet often falls flat.  Blair mixes bright shades effortlessly in her outfits, and it works so well!  Try a brightly colored coat, jacket, or sweater and mix it with a few colorful accessories (don't go overboard here, it can get too loud very fast.)  Underneath the outerwear?  Just about anything that works well with the accessories!
Rule #3-  Classic prints never get old.

There are a few prints that just go with everything!  Stripes play well with florals and leopard, polka dots look great with bright colors and Lilly prints, houndstooth looks amazing with structured pieces, herringbone plays well with all kinds of prints, and plaid is perfect with cable knits and more! 
Rule #4-  Don't be afraid to mix prints!

Print mixing can be scary, yes.  But print masters like Blair pull it off with ease!  Just read this guide on print mixing, and remember one important tip: fit really matters when you are mixing your prints!
Rule #5-  Go ahead and go all #tbt.
Go-to outfit:  Vintage purse + elegant hat + ladylike coat.

There is a certain elegance that comes with successfully dressing like a little old lady.  I love stealing my grandma's vintage Chanel kitten heels and going off to afternoon tea.  :-)
A classic Chanel is timeless, and Blair's girly coat and vintage hat give a cute 50's vibe.  But of course, feel free to add a few modern accents, like the gold wrist cuffs on the coat's sleeves.  

Rule #6-  It's fine to break the rules.
Go-to rule breakers:  Anything that's not totally traditional!

For her wedding to Chuck, Blair didn't wear white like a traditional bride!  Instead she wore this beautiful seafoam blue beaded gown that was to die for.  Not traditional at all, but she still looked classic, gorgeous, and 100% like a bride.  
Rule #7-  When in doubt, have a stylish friend on hand.
Go-to friend:  Your bestie of course!

Who doesn't want to be Serena and Blair?  They are such a stylish pair...
how amazing was this dress?
There you go!  Keep it classy, and you'll be dressing like Blair Waldorf regularly.  


  1. Blair Waldorf is my favorite style icon. The pieces she wears are timeless!

    1. Her outfits are so classy and she's stunning! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Blair might be my favorite character of all-time! Love how you broke down each style!

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon


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