Sunday, January 4, 2015

Authentication Class // Louis Vuitton Pochette

The Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires is a classic Louis Vuitton style!  I have a pochette in  the classic monogram canvas, and today I have a guide on how to make sure your pochette is 100% authentic.  Here's a few pictures of my pochette, and some tips on authenticating yours.

How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Pochette
Here's a full picture of my pochette.  On all Louis Vuitton bags in monogram print, none of the LV monograms should be cut off on the sides.  The body of the pochette is made of monogram canvas, the metal accents are made of brass, and the strap is made of natural cowhide leather, which darkens over time.  As you can see, the leather strap on mine is very dark, but the new pochette comes with leather much lighter, and it develops a dark patina over time.   
The inside of the pochette is a brown canvas material, and there are no interior tags, except for a little leather tab in the side with the date code on it.  
The leather tag on the side should read the brand name, Louis Vuitton in all capital letters, then read Paris underneath.  It will then say where the pochette was made.  Louis Vuitton manufactures their products in France, United States, Spain, Germany, and Italy.  
The stamping is centered on the tab, in a very uniform style.  Fakes might have the stamping off center, cut off by the stiching, upside down, or even backwards.  
On all Louis Vuitton products in the monogram canvas material, the monograms should be a gold color with very subtle diagonal lines through the monograms and other insignias.  If the emblems are completely solid in color, the piece is not authentic.  
The zipper pulls on a Louis Vuitton should have the LV logo in raised font on the metal pull.  Also, the stiching along the zipper area should be in brown thread for the monogram pochette and the damier  ebene pochette.  As you can see here, the stiching is very precise in a straight line.  Fakes usually have sloppy stiching, but authentic pieces have impeccable stiching.  
The d-rings on the pochettes are made of solid brass.  The one on the side should be attached to a continuous piece of canvas.  You should be able to tell that the material the d-ring is attached to is the same piece of material that makes up the side of the pochette.  Fake pochettes will have the d-ring attached to an additional piece of material.  
On the leather tag, the stitching down the sides should have five stitches in yellow thread, the last stich being extra thick.  There should also be six stitches going across the tab by the zipper.  The stiching should be precise and straight.  This stitching on the tab is the same on all Louis Vuitton pochette accessoires styles, such as the damier ebene and damier azur pochettes.  
The print on the bottom fabric portion of the pochette should have only one row of symbols, the flowers and the diamonds.  Fakes might have a line of LVs on the bottom, or might have two rows of symbols.  
The brass clasp attached to the side d-ring should be gold in color and have an LV logo engraved into the metal.  The strap should also have a leather loop attaching it to the clasp, and two very thick stitches holding the leather together.

Hope these tips helped!  Stay tuned on the blog for future authentication posts of other designer items!


  1. Not only was this super helpful, but it was super impressive! Love this post. Can't wait to see future Authentication posts! xx

    1. Thank you, Gigi! I've got another Authentication Class post in the works, so stay tuned for that one!

  2. This was such a helpful post, there really are so many fakes out there!

    xoxo Nicole

    1. Glad this was helpful for you! You can stay tuned for more Authentication Class posts, I've got a few coming up soon. :-)

  3. There are a lot of fakes out there and this is the reason why I am resisting the temptation of buying a Louis Vuitton bag. My friend told me that the date codes of the counterfeits are inconsistent with other stamping on the item. That's all I know when it comes to authenticating a LV bag. I am new to this so this post is really helpful. Thanks Julia! :-)

  4. Hi ! I'm looking to buy a pocket that does not have the serial number on a leather tag inside but is stamped inside. The inside looks to be beige leather. The serial code says AP1818. Any idea if its real?


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