Thursday, November 6, 2014

Interview with Lindsay Narain of Vaughan

Meet, Lindsay Narain, the designer and creative director behind VAUGHAN!

VAUGHAN is a line of gorgeous silk shirts and blouses, essentials in anyone's wardrobe!
Lindsay was so kind to answer a few questions about her brand and designs.

1.  What three words would you use to describe the style of Vaughan shirts?
Understated, elegant, versatile.

2.  What does a typical day look like at Vaughan?
My day depends a lot on the season, and also where I am in the design process.  I'm about to launch a new style (The Cassie) in just a few days so I'm working on quite a few major products at the moment.  Most importantly I'm giving final approval for the finished shirts.  I'm also getting ready for our photoshoot, working closely with my photographer, casting models and arranging hair and makeup.  This is my favorite part of my job, there's so many possibilities and a lot of room for creativity.  I'm also gearing up for the holiday season and tying up any loose ends before the big rush starts.  Typically, I check email over coffee when I wake and I can take care of any urgent matters or any customer service enquiries.  I hit the gym around 8:30, shower, and get to my desk by 10:30 or so.  I'll take care of writing I need to do such are writing my blog, The Thread or updating my website.  I'll have a quick salad for lunch and afterward I'll schedule any meetings or conference calls or work on any big projects that require a good chunk of time.  I try to finish by 5:30 or so to be with my son.

3.  I love all the gorgeous shirts and blouses from Vaughan!  What's your favorite style and color?
It's funny you ask... there are so many times someone will buy a shirt and I say "Ooooh, that's my favorite!"  It depends a lot on my mood.  I think the Hepburn in Keeper of the Flame looks amazing with a lot of different prints and colors but the Hepburn shirt in Lion in Winter definitely gets the most play in my wardrobe at the moment.  I'm really excited to launch my new Cassie shirt.  I just have the sample at the moment but I've already had so much fun styling it and playing around with the detachable scarf.  

4.  Has living in Singapore influenced or inspired your style and design?
Definitely!  Singapore is a really diverse place and the women here are very dynamic.  People have so much going on, they need their wardrobes to work as hard as they do.  The typical woman is bringing kids to school, meeting colleagues for lunch and then grabbing dinner with her friends and family.  There's really no time for wardrobe changes so clothes have to be practical while still making her feel good.  I find that people in Singapore travel much more than any other city I've lived in.  The average person is on a plane more than once a month so they'll need a wardrobe that's going to work in every city where they spend time.  It's also hot and humid 365 days of the year which really drives home the importance of wearing natural fibers!

5. I love the story behind the bee on Vaughan shirts!  When was the idea for that unique touch inspired?  
Thank you!  The bee was something that came about very early on.  I don't like flashy logos but I still wanted a subtle way to make the shirts personal and special.   

6.  Where do you go or what do you do to get inspiration for designing?
I adore fashion magazines, blogs, and street style snaps on Instagram so I have a massive folder of silhouettes, color combinations and details that inspire me.  But actually, when it comes to designing, most of what actually gets produced is inspired by women I know and admire.  I try to think about their lifestyles and their wardrobes and think about what would work for them, what would compliment pieces already in their closet and what would make them feel good.

7.  Do you have any advice for aspiring designers wanting to start their own brand?
Be true to your instincts.  It's not exactly earth shattering advice, I'm sure most people have been hearing it since were children, but I find it works.  I think it's important to be genuine and create pieces that are true to you, your aesthetic, your sensibilities.  If something feels off, your customer will feel it and it's not going to work.  

Thank you, Lindsay!  It was so nice to interview you!

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