Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Size Guide: J. Crew and GapKids Sweaters

There's nothing I love more than a cozy sweater!  Cable knits are my absolute favorite.  These two sweaters are my favorites in my closet.  I can wear them with just about anything, and they both fit like a dream!  I love shopping in the kids section, as it's the best for petites.  Most sweaters tend to be huge and long on me, but the navy girls sweater from Gap is the perfect length for me, and this shrunken fisherman knit by J. Crew is a great cropped length.  

Here's a little size guide to help you figure out what girls size would be best!  
Here's the navy sweater.  It's a cable knit sweater from GapKids, in the girls size 10.  It's so comfortable and warm, and I love to wear it with a printed skirt or a blanket scarf.  See it in an outfit right here.
This is a fisherman cable knit sweater from J. Crew in a women's size XXS.  I actually bought it as an XS (this particular style only came in sizes XS to XL), but wool tends to shrink down a size or two after a few washes.  Now it's about the size of a girls 12 or ladies XXS.  I love layering this one over plaid button downs (an outfit is coming soon!) or oxfords for a classic prep style. 
Here's a little size comparison for you.  I think sweaters in navy, tan, white, and black are essentials in all closets.  You can wear these colors with anything. Investing in a cozy wool or cashmere is great.  It will be more expensive, but it's so worth it.  They keep you warm, comfortable, and last forever.  
The sleeves on the GapKids sweater are much longer than the J. Crew's sleeves.  I like to cuff the sleeves on the navy sweater so I can wear bracelets with it.   The tan sweater has cropped sleeves that come up halfway on the forearm.  I like to roll up the cuffs on my oxfords over the end of the sleeve.  
Another size comparison!
The sweaters are about the same in length, even though the sleeves have a significant length difference.   I've found that women's cropped sweaters, girls sizes, and petite options all tend to be around the same length, which is great for petite ladies and people with shorter torsos.
Here's another two modeling snaps, just for good measure.  Neither of the sweaters are too tight fitting or baggy, which I love.  This is my ideal sweater fit, since it's just right for layering, but still looks streamlined and polished on its own.  

Hope this size guide helped!  Shop my favorite sweaters (from the ladies and girls sections) below!
Thank you to Sean for the sweater photos! xx


  1. Love this post! do more of these size comparison posts?

    1. I think I'll be doing more of these in future, so glad you liked this post!

  2. This was so interesting. I can't believe the difference in the sizes - both very cute sweaters though!

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon


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