Sunday, February 22, 2015

Instagram Recap

Stripes x florals  {J. Crew top, Louis Vuitton clutch}
Ivy on the windows.
Shades for the sun, and a Lilly shift for fun.  {Lilly Pulitzer shift, sunnies c/o Polette)
KJP #showyourropes
A day on the docks.
My vintage finds!  Tiffany and Bally.
Plaid and bubble necklace.
Dainty details.
Phone Case: Sweet and Spark c/o, Necklaces: Max and Chloe, Vintage, J. Crew
Tiny Tory Bag.
Time for pearls!
So many dresses, not enough time!
Packages from J. Crew to make the day a little preppier.
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