Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Destination: Provence, France

I have visited Paris before, which was beautiful in its own right, but I love the French countryside.  I actually speak French, and it's my dream to just spend a week in a small town of Provence or Alsace, blending with the locals and enjoying the sights and culture.  

Destination: Positano, Italy

I love the Amalfi Coast in Italy and its picturesque towns.  My family is from Italy, but the last time I visited we stayed in the north at my family's vineyard and didn't get a chance to explore south to where Rome and Napoli are.  Positano looks gorgeous, between the hillside cityscape and colorful buildings.  Plus, I can just imagine dipping my toes into the Mediterranean Sea!

Destination: Lisbon, Portugal

I hope to one day take a trip to Spain and Portugal.  Lisbon is Portugal's capital and besides having amazing weather, they are an epicenter of Portuguese culture, of which I know little and hope to learn about!

Destination: Charleston, South Carolina

First of all, this tree arch exists in Charleston so that's one deciding factor in this trip.  Charleston is home to historical landmarks, beautiful scenery, and great food.  Seeing Julia's pictures (not me Julia, the other Julia) from the city really cemented its place on my travel bucket list.  

Destination: Marrakech, Morocco

Honestly, the closest I've come to Morocco was Disney's Epcot park.  But just scrolling through pictures of the city made this a must-visit for me.  You can just tell that the city is a focal point of Moroccan culture- they have beautiful sights, palaces, gardens, mosques, and souk markets.  And gorgeous tile-work like this exists all around!  I'm a sucker for beautiful architecture and buildings.

Destination: Fjords of Norway

I would love to visit a cold-snowy country like Norway during the winter.  I did a report on Norway a long time ago in school, and I remember being awed by the ice fjords that tower over the small port towns.  So gorgeous!

Destination: Portland, Oregon

Portland has been labeled one of the "hippest" cities in America right now, as well as one of the most vegan-friendly.  They have entire vegan grocery stores, as well as a plethora of vegan restaurants.  It's also probably the most attainable spot on this list, as I live in Southern California and it would be a great road-trip destination with my best friend.  

Destination: Dublin, Ireland

This dream is becoming a reality!  I've booked a trip to Ireland in the spring of 2017, and I'm so excited to visit this beautiful country.  Between the stunning countryside, gorgeous castles, and lovely towns, I am so ready to plan this vacation. 


  1. Add all of these to my bucket list too! I have been to Chaleston and its amazing, definitely want to go to Ireland! It looks like a fairy tale!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  2. Very beautiful places ;)


    Mónica Sors




  3. This is now my bucket list too! I've never been to any of them. So neat you can speak French!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. These places look so beautiful


  5. All of the above cities are on my bucket list and more! I grew up speaking french and was in french schools all my life yet never been to France yet... Hopefully one day soon. I'd love to do a big Europe trip!


    Tamara -

  6. Your bucket list = my bucket list! So many of these places are on my must-see list! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. These places seriously all look so gorgeous! I have been to a few of them, and I can tell you that Dublin and all of Ireland is amazing!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  8. All of these places are on my bucket list too!!


  9. So many of these are on my bucket list too! The Amalfi Coast and the Fjords of Norway are REALLY high up there! Too beautiful for words!

  10. Love your bucket list! You must go to the Provence! It's seriously so beautiful! I always say that this is where I want to retire! :)
    xoxo, Vanessa

  11. Nice travel bucket list, I would love to visit Dublin Ireland as well.

    New Post
    Adventures in LakeLouise & Snake mythology

  12. I love this! There are so many places I want to visit too, hopefully I can tick a couple off my bucket list soon x


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