Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Cliffs of Moher + Giant's Causeway // Ireland Days Two & Three

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Ireland Day Two: The Cliffs of Moher & Galway, Coastal West Ireland

 Coat: H&M {similar here} // Sweater: Madewell {similar} // Skirt: Express {similar} // Bag: Harrods London // Boots: Hunter Boots

I didn't end up taking too many photos of days two and three in Ireland, so I figured I'd put them together into one post.  Day Two was the Cliffs of Moher, a location in West Ireland on the Atlantic ocean.  The Cliffs are a stunning sight and you can hike on a trail along the edge for miles.  But I didn't, because the second I got up their I got extreme anxiety and had to come back down.  Apparently 70 people die on the cliffs per year, from either jumping or accidentally falling off, and I was so worried that either a gust of wind would send me plummeting or I would witness someone falling to their deaths.  It was a little too much to take in, so after snapping a few pictures and marveling at the stunning view, I backed away from the cliff edge.   So, full disclosure- the photos of me are taken at a little bit of a lower altitude, haha.

It was super windy in the cliffs and just in general that day, so my trusty trench coat kept me from freezing in the low temperatures.  I wore it almost every day in Ireland, so expect to see it in a lot of pictures from this trip.  We also stopped for a few hours in Galway, a little coastal town that is home to a generally hipster, younger crowd of Irish people.  It was fun to shop around there.  I didn't take many pictures there, which is probably a good thing because I cried off some of my eye makeup when I had a mini anxiety attack at the Cliffs.  That may sound tragic, but hey, just keeping it real.

All things considered, it was still a great day and great experience.  If you're not scared of heights at all, definitely go to the Cliffs!  And if you are scared of heights, still go, take a few pictures, and then spend the rest of your time in the Moher museum and shops, which have a great selection of Irish sweaters, jewelry, and even jam (which I bought!)

Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland
Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland
Ireland Day Three: Giant's Causeway, Dunluce "Game of Thrones" Castle, & Belfast

 Coat: H&M {similar here} // Boots: Public Desire // Bag: Harrods London // Turtleneck: Topshop

Day Three was a trip to Northern Ireland, which is actually a separate country from the southern part, the Republic of Ireland, and is part of the United Kingdom.  Our first stop was in Belfast, which has a deep political history of division and war, representative of the conflict that divided Northern and Southern Ireland.  Without turning this post into a history lecture, I'll just say that it was a very educational experience to learn about Belfast's struggle.

We drove to Giant's Causeway, a gorgeous coastal rock formation with these column obelisk rocks.  It was actually so cold that day that I didn't even take off my coat in Northern Ireland, but I shot some pictures of the outfit sans coat before I left Dublin that morning, and those will be coming in a separate outfit post.  I was nervous about wearing OTK boots out for a day like this, but they actually kept my legs SO insulated that it was well worth the bit of foot pain that I experienced.  We also drove past the castle from Game of Thrones, Dunluce Castle.  If you're a watcher and you're in Ireland, definitely stop there if you want to have a fangirl moment.  


  1. This is such a pretty outfit! I love the coat with the bag. Hope you had fun in Ireland, I've always wanted to visit Giant's Causeway.

    x Diana //

  2. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous, That's all I can say!

  3. Omg the scenery is so beautiful!! This makes me want to book a trip there!!

  4. Ireland is so pretty! Wow! Love your hunter boots xx


  5. Ahhh I just love these photos! It is so lush and green and pretty! Your Hunter boots and skirt combo is so perfect.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. Omg how gorgeous!!!! These photos are so stunning! I want to go to Ireland so bad! And I am obsessed with your coat!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  7. First off, this place is surreal. I've always wanted to go! Your outfit is gorgeous and I am crushing on your coat big time!

    Jessica |

  8. Woww! impressive pictures! such a wonderful landscapes! I love the whole outfit and Ireland!
    Mónica Sors

  9. Absolutely beautiful photos! That view is totally breathtaking!

    Rosy Outlook


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