Sunday, May 17, 2015

{Links} For My May Birthday

via Pinterest

5/22 is the day!  Here's a few of my May favorites (just in case you need to get me a gift or somethin ;-)

You can never have too many pearls.  Ever.  These Tory Burch ones are no exception.

My favorite lipstick ever, in the Vivienne shade.

Of course Madewell sells vintage cameras.  Snap cool shots all summer!

Boden does the best toile and prints!  I'm in love with this top.

For when you are a little crabby, just Kate Spade it.

Someone get me into a pair of KJP boat shoes.

Obsessed with the Inspiralizer.  Healthy noodles for days!

Sometimes the best bday gift is fresh flowers.  Follow this IG for gorgeous flora snaps!


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